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Reel Adrenaline is the first-to-market beverage brand and energy drink for 60 million Americans who enjoy fishing and boating.  Our brand gives the fishing and boating community a beverage brand with which they can fully identify.  Customers advise us our citrus flavored energy drinks taste better than other leading brands, don’t have a harsh aftertaste, and they don’t give you the jitters, heartburn or upset stomach issues that many complain about after consuming other energy drinks on the market.  They wake you up in the morning, and keep you alert late into the day, helping you attain the extra edge needed to land your team’s tournament winner or your fish of a lifetime!  We like to say our cans look great, they taste great and they work! While hunting your favorite gamefish you deserve to be at the top of your sport, and REEL ADRENALINE helps keep you there.
Reel Adrenaline energy drinks come in regular and sugar free and are packaged for both freshwater and saltwater fishermen.  Both the Saltwater and Freshwater Series drinks include Big Game: A crisp tasting, vibrant, citrus flavored energy drink designed to give you a period of increased energy boost and provide the edge you need (112 calories per 8.4 oz can) and Light Tackle: A low calorie, citrus flavored, sugar free alternative providing the same increased alertness and energy boost you receive with Big Game with fewer calories (5 calories per 8.4 oz can).

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